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Woman b0nked by Sangoma all night, pays US$900 consultation fee, reports r__ape after get rich scheme fails

In a disturbing incident in Harare, a woman fell victim to the deceitful actions of a sangoma who promised her a path to instant wealth. The woman was instructed by Jimson Nyasara, the sangoma, to spend a night n_aked at a cemetery as part of a supposed ritual. Tragically, instead of fulfilling his promises, Nyasara subjected her to repeated acts of r_ape.

Nyasara convinced the woman that her n_aked presence at the cemetery was crucial for the success of the magical process. However, his intentions were far from genuine. After violating her, he shamelessly demanded further s_exual encounters, deceitfully claiming that they were essential for the efficacy of the ritual.

Exploiting the vulnerable state of the woman, Nyasara charged her exorbitant fees of US$800, in addition to a consultation fee of US$100. Manipulating her trust, he convinced her that the mixing of her v__aginal fluids with his semen was necessary for the desired results. These acts of s__exual assault were carried out multiple times, as Nyasara persisted in his heinous acts.

The woman initially sought the assistance of Nyasara in July of the previous year, hoping to find a charm that would lead her to immense wealth. As the sinister plot unfolded, Nyasara instructed her to book a room at a lodge, where he proceeded to take advantage of her vulnerability. He claimed that he needed to collect his s_emen and mix it with her v__aginal fluids, which he would then utilize in Mozambique to acquire the charm for quick riches.

When the promised prosperity failed to materialize, the woman realized the deceit and had the courage to report Nyasara to the police for his horrendous crimes. Consequently, he was apprehended and now faces charges of fraud and three counts of r_ape.

During his court appearance, Nyasara was remanded out of custody until July 12, when his trial is scheduled to commence. This distressing case serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of individuals seeking solace and guidance, as well as the importance of safeguarding against those who seek to exploit and harm others for their own selfish gains.



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