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Zimbabwean Scholarship Program: This scholarship is available to Zimbabwean students who are pursuing a degree in any field of study.

Zimbabwean Scholarship Program: This scholarship is available to Zimbabwean students who are pursuing a degree in any field of study.: what it means to have this scholarship? Having this scholarship means that Zimbabwean students have the opportunity to pursue a degree in any field of study without having to worry about the financial burden of tuition and other related expenses. It also provides them with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills that can help them in their future career.



Must be a Zimbabwean citizen

Must be enrolled in an accredited college or university

-You Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0

Must demonstrate financial need

Must demonstrate leadership potential and commitment to community service

-Submit a personal statement outlining their academic and career goals

Must submit two letters of recommendation from faculty members

Must submit official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions attended


The process for applying for the Zimbabwean Scholarship Program is as follows:

1. Complete the online application form, which can be found on the Zimbabwean Scholarship Program website.

2. Submit all required documents, including a copy of your passport, academic transcripts, and a personal statement.

3. Wait for a response from the scholarship committee.

4. If you are selected, you will be invited to an interview with the scholarship committee.

5. After the interview, you will receive a notification of your scholarship award.


Makomborero has been supporting rural and high density schools for 6 years. We have noticed that schools are unable to adequately provide laboratory experience for students. Teaching of science subjects is mainly theoretical, with little or no practical knowledge. Minimal operating budgets for schools hamper them in building and equipping science laboratories.The Mobile Science Lab will compliment the Zimbabwean Science curriculum enabling students to put their knowledge into practice.


The Mobile Science Lab will provide access to the practical side of Biology and Chemistry to many students. The laboratory will be aimed at Form 3 and 4 O-Level students. Key experiments have been chosen from the curriculum. Each student will leave the laboratory with notes and worksheets pertaining to that topic, having received a meal too.

Long-Term Impact

In future the Mobile Lab will be placed in a central location in a district with many schools accessing the Biology Laboratory. Students will have Biology & Chemistry practical lessons covering experiements found in their curriculum. Teachers will also be able to attend practical workshops. This model will impact up to 150 students a month. We hope students will develop a deep understanding of what they are studying, putting theory into practice.

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