Uebert Angel Gets Another Ambassadorial Post At PAP

Zimbabwe’s Ambassador At Large, Uebert Angel has bagged another top post, he has been appointed as the African Union’s Pan African Parliament Ambassador for Interfaith Dialogue and Humanitarian Affairs.

The Pan-African Parliament (PAP), often known as the African Parliament, is the African Union’s legislative body, with oversight, advising, and consultative functions.

PAP was established to ensure African people’s full involvement in the continent’s economic development and integration.

According to to a source, “Ambassador Angel’s extensive knowledge, influential network, and commitment to fostering unity among diverse religious communities is what saw him emerge as an ideal candidate for this vital role.”

“He will be part of five individuals from diverse regions in the African continent spearheading initiatives aimed at fostering dialogue, understanding, and cooperation among different faiths.

“His experience in leading Spirit Embassy, a Christian organization with a global reach and a registered members who go well over 3.5 million as of their last count , provides him with deep insights into religious diversity and the promotion of mutual respect.

“This appointment is a testament to the belief in his ability to bridge gaps and cultivate harmony within society,”

Ambassador Angel is expected to actively engage with religious leaders, government officials, and civil society organizations to promote interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

“He will emphasize the importance of religious tolerance, respect, and understanding as essential foundations for peaceful coexistence within African communities,” we were told.

Having led the Uebert Angel Foundation (UAF) which donated millions in humanitarian aid across the continent the Zimbabwean preacher is expected to leverage his experience and resources to provide relief and assistance to marginalized communities.

We couldn’t reach Ambassador Angel for comment at the time of going to press as he was said to be in Kenya attending the 14th African Union’s High Level Private Sector Forum where he was a participant.

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