Pholosa Mohlahla Dumps Somizi To Rekindle Love With His Baby Mama

Reports suggest that Pholoso Mohlala, fiancé of media personality Somizi Mhlongo, has allegedly ended their relationship to focus on rekindling his romance with the mother of his child.

The couple made headlines in 2022 when Mhlongo hinted at their engagement and hosted a gala dinner in honour of Mohlala’s birthday. Close friends had previously revealed that they planned to get married in September.

Unfortunately, recent news reveals that their plans have fallen apart due to Mohlala’s decision to work on his relationship with his child’s mother.

A friend of the couple, who asked not to be named, revealed that Mohlala dumped Somgaga, as Mhlongo is fondly known, like a hot potato shortly after the birth of his child.

“The lady who Pholoso has a child with lost her mother a few months back. It was a very tense time for her,” said the deep throat.

“As the only child following her mother’s passing, she needed a lot of support. Pholoso was there for her and they really grew closer together.

“He left Somizi around that time and started to focus more on his relationship with her. You can also check his Instagram page, he is hardly ever with Somizi these days.

“Even Somizi went dead quite about that relationship after all the showing off they did simply because he left him to go and be with his baby mama.”

Mhlongo and Mohlala have since deleted each other’s pictures from Instagram.

The mole added that the pair is also in the process of purchasing a new house together at an exclusive estate in Kyalami, Johannesburg.

“They will be moving into the house together in the next few months. They are really happy and they are moving to acquire assets together to solidify their union,” said another friend.

Mohlala and Mhlongo were not immediately available for comment as they did not answer calls and failed to respond to text messages sent to them.

Mohlala was Mhlongo’s love interest following his divorce to Mohale Motaung. They allegedly met while Mohlala’s girlfriend was pregnant and they agreed to co-parent.

In his own right, Mohlala is an actor and a businessman. He owns an alcoholic drink 012 gin.

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