“Connie Ferguson’s Heartfelt Tribute to Late Husband Shona Ferguson: ‘You’re Forever Alive in My Heart'”

Connie Ferguson marks her husband, Shona Ferguson’s second death anniversary. The actress shared lovely videos and photos on social media, in remembrance of the amazing memories created while he was alive.

The film director reportedly passed away in 2021 after suffering complications from COVID. Taking to Instagram this Sunday, Connie penned down a beautiful note to her late husband.

“I can’t believe today marks the second anniversary of your transition! Time has become so strange to comprehend. You’re still so alive in my heart in my mind and in the memories we shared. I still feel your presence so much, but the thought of never seeing you in your physical form again overwhelms me from time to time. But the Lord has cuddled me and our beautiful family in His arms, and we continue to move, to hope, to dream,” she wrote.

The 53-year-old shared a bible verse which she reads whenever she needs strength; she also spoke about the things she does with the rest of the family despite his passing.

“We still do a lot of the things we did together, travel with the fam, eat your favorite food, play your favorite music, dance, and laugh! Yes, we laugh a lot! And every time we do we can literally hear the echo of your laughter in the midst of ours! You are just an unforgettable man! Truly one of a kind. God loved me so much that he gave me you, and although it seems like it was only for 20 years, it was for eternity, because a love like ours never dies. I LOVE YOU FOREVER.”

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