Temba Mliswa For President: Norton Legislator Makes Bold Announcement

Temba Mliswa, a fearless and passionate Norton politician, startled the nation with a historic declaration over the weekend. Mliswa proclaimed his desire to retire from parliament and run for Zimbabwe’s highest position of authority emphasising his firm vision for the future.

He addressed an excited crowd at the Lidiety shopping centre in his constituency, sharing his presidential ambitions, which will culminate in the 2028 elections.

In an impassioned speech, Mliswa revealed his profound ambition to become Zimbabwe’s president. Backed by a divine dream that reaffirmed his path, he spoke of his dedication to serve the people and tackle the challenges they face, New Zimbabwe reveals.

In a dream, the Lord advised me that I would be in Hurungwe West as an MP, then proceed to Norton before becoming the President of Zimbabwe because I articulate people’s challenges,” Mliswa said, igniting applause from his fervent supporters.

The Norton MP spoke confidently about his presidential aspirations, comparing them to those of others. He expressed unwavering conviction in his goal.

A teacher aims to be a headmaster, a soldier wishes to become a commander, and even a girlfriend has ambitions to become a housewife in the future.”

With a hopeful glimmer in his eye, he confidently affirmed,

So, in 2028, we will meet at the number one post.

Mliswa is enthusiastic about engaging with the public and aims to prioritize their needs as president. He expressed his strong desire to be a leader who is closely connected with the communities and reassured people that he won’t be isolated by excessive security measures. He highlighted the importance of being approachable and actively involved, promising to fully understand the issues that Zimbabweans face if he becomes elected to the top position.

“The elderly will visit state house barefooted. You will enjoy to see a leader who sometimes moves around without bodyguards. We want a president who goes into communities interacting with the people,” added Temba Mliswa.

Amid speculation about the potential challenges of vying for the presidency in Zimbabwe, Mliswa fearlessly dismissed any doubts. Citing a conversation with former cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who campaigned while in exile, Mliswa boldly declared that he would not be deterred by such concerns.

“I spoke to my uncle Kasukuwere challenging him over campaigning in exile. How can you lead or be elected while in South Africa? You cannot let your face arrest while you are in hiding. As for me, I am not afraid of anyone. If I am nabbed by the police, my supporters will bring me food in cells,” Mliswa added.

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