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Side Chick Granted Protection Order Against Boyfriend’s Wife

A woman named Tendai Manyautse recently requested and was granted a peace order against her lover’s wife, Nadia Mudzingwa, in the Harare Civil Court.

Tendai requested court intervention after she claimed persistent harassment and insults from Nadia, who is dissatisfied with her marriage.

Tendai claims that Nadia has constantly phoned to insult her and even attended her office to make disparaging statements about dating her husband.

Tendai wanted a peace order to create clear boundaries between her and Nadia in order to seek relief from the continued harassment.

“She is my boyfriend’s wife and she calls just to insult me.

“I don’t want to see her at my house,” said Tendai.

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In response to the accusations, Nadia denied any hostile intentions towards Tendai, claiming that she has no problem maintaining peace.

However, she urged Tendai to refrain from entering her house or taking any of her matrimonial property, including a broken car that was left at Tendai’s house for repairs.

“I do not have any problem with her, but she should refrain from coming to my house or taking my matrimonial property like the car,” said Nadia.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira, presiding over the case, questioned Tendai about the broken car, to which Tendai clarified that it was her lover who brought the car to her house for repairs, not her own doing.

“Your Honour, the broken car was left at my house by her husband so that it can be repaired.

“I didn’t drive it to my house, but her husband did.”

After careful consideration, Magistrate Mashavira granted the peace order to Tendai and advised Nadia to address her marital issues directly with her husband to resolve the ongoing tensions.

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