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Woman Living In Horror After Bedding Mad person, Sangoma Disappears To Malawi

A Zimbabwean woman is seeking help to reverse the curse placed on her by a Malawian Sangoma in her bid to boost her business.

In a video recording, she narrates how she was lured by her close younghood friend to consult the sangoma who was based in Chipinge at the time.

She says she was in the business of buying and selling used clothes from Mozambique and was advised by her friend that there is a way she could boost her sales.

She fell for the trap and was given some muthi with instructions that she is supposed to sleep with a mentally challenged man.

Her business did boost when she followed the instructions, that is, sleep with the mad person, draw his semen and mix it with some other herbs.

As time went on, the woman narrates, she started having weird dreams in which the ad man appeared and started sleeping with her in her dreams but things turned for the worst when she started bleeding.

The Friend And Relatives Isolate Her

In an unexpected twist, as her problem grew in size- she was now experiencing unending bleeding from her privates – the friend wo introduced her to the sangoma started ignoring her calls. She also explained how her own relatives abandoned her saying that she is a witch.

This has prompted her to ask for help from anyone with knowledge on how this can be dealt with.

Therefore, she made a video unashamedly admitting to soliciting the services of a sangoma or church to help her.

Sangoma Disappears In Malawi

The woman says that her business started dwindling and her bleeding problems began to mount hence she decided to return to the sangoma for help but to her surprise sh ewas told that he relocated to Malawi and was only visiting in Binga.

The village head informed her that the sangoma left for his country of origin in Lilongwe Malawi but does not know where exactly.

Finally, she advised fellow Zimbabweans never to trust sangomas who promise them riches as there are consequences.

Watch the video below;

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