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AmaZulu boss buys helicopter for daughter’s wedding

Sandile Zungu, a businessman and owner of AmaZulu, will accompany his daughter, the club’s CEO, down the aisle for her white wedding on the next Sunday. Zungu has purchased a helicopter to fly Sinenjabulo to the altar in order to make his daughter feel special on the big day.

Sinenjabulo Zungu will wed AmaZulu striker Bongi Ntuli, a devoted follower of the Shembe Baptist Nazareth Church. The couple has been planning their white wedding for a few months, and they have already had their traditional weddings and suitable rituals.

The couple will be tying the knot on a Sunday as the groom cannot do so on a Saturday since his church, the Shembe Church, reserves those days for church services.

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According to ZiMoja, the couple is going to land in style in a helicopter. A close source to the situation said last week, the Zungus bought a family helicopter for their daughter to land in style when she gets married.

According to the source, the helicopter will also be used when the family travels to soccer matches, to avoid being stuck in traffic.

“But obviously because the wedding is next weekend, the first person to use it will be Sne,” said the source.

Last week the couple had a lot of tasting to do – from the final menu and cakes, followed by the official pre-wedding photo shoot. The groom was also spotted with his friends, doing their last-minute shopping at a mall in Sandton in Joburg.

“The couple have been busy preparing for their wedding. The bride even took a few days off from work since she wants her day to be perfect,” said the source.

The wedding is billed to be the “wedding of the year”, with ministers, royal families and business leaders expected to attend.

Security at the wedding venue will be tight due to the high profile of the people who will be attending.

“Because there will be government ministers, business people and other VIPs attending, it won’t be easy to enter or be even near the venue for the gatecrashers,” added the source.

According to another source, the couple will then jet off to their honeymoon which is said to be around the island of the Maldives, followed by another trip to Europe where they will be joined by family and close friends. According to another source, the bride will change her attire twice for her big day.

Zungu was unavailable to comment.

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