Musician Trevor Dongo suffering from mental health

Zimbabwean Urban Grooves musician Trevor Dongo has opened up about suffering from depression for over two years now.

The Ndashamisika singer shared the sad news on social media saying that she has been suffering alone and this has affected his singing career.

Trevor dongo says that he has not been able to share his thoughts with anyone because of his celebrity status.

He says that because he is popular, some people believe that he is superhuman.

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Above all else, Trevor Dongo said that he does not drink alcohol or smoke and this has made him ‘drown in his thoughts’

Read the full message he shared on X (formerly Twitter).

My closest people knows me as a very strong person but today I had to open up a little bit. Since 2021 I’ve been suffering from depression but no one really noticed because of the fact that I’m a public figure and people expect you to have everything figured out. It ruined my mental health,my appetite,sleeping habits etc. Writing music,recording and performing has been an escape tool but to an extent. Being an introvert that iam,I find myself in an enclosed space drowning deep in my thoughts and i tend to be a man of sober habits (I don’t drink neither do I smoke or take any substance) I find myself not being able to open up to anyone fear of being judged as a weak person or just being ignored. Depression is real and it’s eating me up from the inside……. Trevor Dongo

Trevor Dongo receives outpouring support from his fans

A number of his fans responded to Trevor’s candid post and felt grateful that he opened up.

Read the responses;

Dj Ollah 7@djollah_7

It is well my brother, I think you need to see professionals who can assist with you with counseling. I’m praying for you bro 🙏

Rythmn Collections@RythmnCo

It’s commendable that you opened up about your struggles. Remember, no one has it all figured out. Your vulnerability shows strength. You’re not alone in this journey. Keep going, and recovery will come. 💚


Sorry bro,may you find counselling,professional counselling may do…considering that you a public figure you need to seek help from professionals who will give you service under a private and confidential environment.

Sherlock Dry@merideth_mapisa

May you find peace king. I know exactly how it feels it’s been quite some years too suffering from the same situation tho I’m not a public figure bt I know how exactly it feels. I don’t even know hw to comfort you but I just wish you well and and power to continue fighting. Peace

Benjamin not Franklin@BenjaminCrispen

Thumbs up for opening up bro, you are an inspiration to most of us African men and men in general. That is a big step you have taken. Please try to seek help, i am sure there are many organizations who would be very happy to assist you in any way possible. You’re a giant bro🤜🤜


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