CCC congratulates Highlanders fans for causing violence at Barboufields Stadium.

The Castle Lager Premiership Matchday 22 encounter between Dynamos and Highlanders has been abandoned due to crowd trouble at Barbourfields Stadium.

The play was stopped after thirty-five minutes, just moments after Dembare’s second goal.

The chaos started when fans at the Soweto End threw missiles on the pitch before invading the pitch.

CCC Spokesperson Mkwanazi Enjoying The Highlanders Rampage Against Dynamos Fans

CCC spokesperson Promise Mkwanazi who is on the run from law enforcement seemed to quite enjoy the rampage and injury of several innocent Dynamos supporters. He posted on X saying that this was a political move by angry CCC supporters who believe that the recently held elections were stolen by ZANU PF.

#Bulawayo warns Mnangagwa:

iZANU iya rigger (ama elections). #Bulawayo a no go area for
-a truly liberated zone. Well done #Bulawayo omuhle, siziqenya ngawe thina izizalwane zako #Bulawayo.

The citizens know the truth. They’re angry!

There is also a picture circulating on social media of CCC Member of Parliament Gift Ostalos Siziba before the match while wearing a Highlanders jersey captioned “We fear fokol”.

Zanu PF supporters on X labelled this as a provocation while some CCC supporters enjoying the incident

Ministry of Information deputy minister Nick Mangwana criticised the incident.

Today, there was a pitch invasion in the match between Highlanders and Dynamos. The match was abandoned before the end of th first half. Scores were injured and the police details on duty was overwhelmed resulting in reinforcements being deployed. Football is called “beautiful game”. This is not the beautiful side.

He also said that police will be clamping down n all who started the trouble.

It’s called “football hooliganism”, it can’t be explained away. It can’t be justified and it won’t be excused. There is nothing admirable about it, absolutely nothing emulatable. It needs to be nipped in the bud by making sure everyone involved gets their comeuppance.

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Former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo who was once a critic of President Emmerson Mnangagwa condemned politicians who were capitalizing on the “hooliganism” and commended Zimbabwe Republic Police for exercising restraint.

The @PoliceZimbabwe exercised commendable restraint, as they battled to contain the potentially explosive situation that ensued; and managed to avert a flare up of gratuitous violence, amid deplorable attempts by political vultures who shamelessly sought to politicise the ugly football hooliganism on social media platforms, during and after the fact. 

How the violence unfolded

The Glamour Boys, who are hosting their home games in Bulawayo due to the unavailability of football venues in Harare, had doubled their lead through Frank Makarati’s header on the 35th minute.

Keith Madera opened the scoring as early as in the 2nd minute.

The restless Bosso supporters could not be contained with Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) unleashing dogs on them.

The match was eventually abandoned as the situation at Barbourfields was untenable for the game to continue.

Running battles between Dynamos supporters and Highlanders ensued with Bosso fans baying for blood.

Consequently, several Dynamos supporters were left fighting for their lives when ZRP officers threw teargas canisters as they tried to contain tempers.

ZRP fired warning shots outside the stadium as Bosso supporters continued on a rampage.

Payers and coaching staff from both sides were forced to return to the dressing rooms awaiting communication from the officials.

After a lengthy stoppage, a decision to abandon the match was made.

The final outcome of the match will be decided by the Premier Soccer League Disciplinary Committee and Dynamos are likely to be awarded the game on a 3-0 scoreline.

Not the first time

Barbourfields, the spiritual home of football in Bulawayo, had manifested a usual demon among Highlanders fans.

Last year at Barbourfields, another match, pitting the country’s biggest and most successful clubs was abandoned after angry fans invaded the pitch.

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