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Grootman leaks Gcinile’s bedroom tape

South African influencers Grootman and Gcinile are trending once again after the former leaked a bedroom tape that has gained social media attention.

Young South Africans have been closely following the pair, who are well-known for their expensive lives and whose lavish displays and activities have captivated them.
The creator of the well-known makeup artist and social media influencer Glammed By Gciniletee, Gcinile Twala, is also the creator of the popular beauty brand. In addition to her, Themba Selahle, also known as Grootman, became well-known as an Instagram influencer and FX trader, despite having a dubious reputation because of fraud claims.
Grootman was so heartbroken that he recently made some serious threats to Gcinile and has fulfilled them after the recent leak of the two having relations.
Some South Africans have called for his arrest following the alleged leak of ex-girlfriend Gcinile Twala’s tape.
Users are accusing Grootman of leaking the video, with many expressing outrage and demanding justice for Gcinile. The sentiment online is overwhelmingly against Grootman, with people highlighting his history of toxic behaviour and abusive tendencies.

Watch Gcinile’s Video Here

In the middle of their well-publicized romance—which was characterized by opulent designer brand displays, opulent travel, and costly purchases—Grootman and Gcinile recently disclosed their separation. Their love is over, as evidenced by Grootman’s demand that gifts—such as an engagement ring with diamonds and other ostentatious objects—be returned within four days.
Gcinile Twala posted a screenshot of the Grootman ultimatum on her Instagram page, warning of possible legal consequences if the things are not returned right away. Although their audience is aware with their breakup, Gcinile’s choice to cover up a tattoo of Grootman’s name, which she saw as a sign of closure, suggests that their split is complete.

The aftermath of their split is made more difficult by the fact that the ex-couple had a one-year-old daughter. Although they have a history of making public splits and comebacks, this situation seems to be the last blow to their romance, which has their fans wondering and speculating.

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