Nollywood Actor Uche Muduagwu calls for Moyo Lawal ban after leaked tape

Actor, Uche Maduagwu has called for the immediate acting ban of his colleague, Moyo Lawal over her leaked bedroom tape.
Lawal suddenly became a trending topic on several social media platforms on Saturday, September 9, following the leak of her video clip.

A debate was ultimately ignited among the online community on the person and motive behind the leaked video.

Several opinions were communicated on the matter with many claiming Moyo Lawal was behind the leak, some basically sent out words of encouragement and others rated Lawal’s bedroom prowess, scoring her low.

As the debate on the leaked video continues online, Maduagwu in a video called on the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) to ensure that Lawal isn’t allowed on any movie scene pending the completion of police investigation in fishing out the person(s) responsible for sεx tape leakage.

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He berated his colleague for the act, brooding over how the video could affect the morals of the younger ladies as well as the extent to which it could tarnish the overall image of Nollywood.

The Instagram celebrity also described the entire scenario as disgraceful and unacceptable, adding that the video was repulsive.

He said: “This is disgraceful. Is this what Nollywood has turned into? I’m calling on the AGN president to ensure that Moyo cannot act until the police investigate this video.

“This is wrong, unacceptable! She must come out and explain to us how that video got leaked. It is wrong. What do you people want to turn Nollywood into? This is unacceptable. This is disgraceful. What are you teaching our children? God!!! When I watched that video, I started crying. It is just unacceptable.”

Captioning the post, the concerned actor wrote: “Dear MOYO, Abeg what MORAL lesson is this video teaching our PIKINS NI TORI OLORUN? To say this is EMBARRASSING Na an understatement.

“WETIN you Na WAN finally turn this #Nollywood industry to?

“I urge the #AGN (Actors Guild of Nigeria) to immediately not allow MOYO enter any #Movie set until the #Nigerian Police look into who shared that #video on the internet.

“I could not even #watch the video because it made me VOMIT, so uninteresting and REPULSIVE, how did we get here in Nollywood?”

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