Nigerian Actress Moyo Lawal Tlof Tlof Video Leaks, It’s A Major Hit

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has finally reacted to a viral intimate video about her, which was leaked online on Saturday, describing the publication and sharing of the material as a criminal breach of privacy, which will be met with the full force of the law.

The video which shows the actress engaging in a private act with a person she admitted to be her ex-fiance, has since got many talking online with the majority claiming that the ‘A Time To Heal’ actress leaked the tape herself.

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But, taking to her Instagram page on Sunday, Lawal confirmed she was the person in the tape and thereafter debunked rumours that she authorised the distribution of the said tape.

Moyo Lawal

“A private video of mine from a while ago has been inappropriately shared without my consent, violating my privacy and trust.

“I want to emphasise that this video was done with my ex whom I was to marry at that time, was never intended for public consumption and its unauthorised distribution is a breach of my boundaries. However, this criminal breach of privacy will be treated with legal action.”

Though Lawal is known for posting controversial and sensual content online, she had earlier stated in one of her videos that the last thing she could be ‘dragged’ online for was any kind of sex-related issue. She had said, “I have made many sacrifices and said no to so many things. People know how I am when it comes to sεx matters, so the last thing one could use to drag me down is sεx.”

The actress had also often claimed that despite the impression that some people had of her, she was not as ‘bad’ as they thought. She said, “Whatever it is I have done, I have not been as bad as a regular girl.”

Watch Moyo Lawal’s video here

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