Mambo Dhuterere depressed after wife abandoned him for cheating with two women

Gospel musician Mambo Dhuterere has been making a huge buzz on social media with allegations that he is seperated from his wife after he was caugt cheating by his wife popularly known as Mai Dhuterere.

The Mweya Ndisesekedze revealed on social media that he was not taking any show bookings because he was depressed.

He last appeared in public in September at the Love Shouldn’t Hurt Mai Hondo show in Mutare.

Taking to Facebook over the weekend, he said that he is regrouping and revitalizing himself before he can get back on the music scene.

Have been turning down booking ‘n’ invitations zvaita kuti vamwe vave disappointed in me… forgive me 🙏…Am down mentally, emotionally, spiritually depressed… Just need a little while to pick myself up, I WILL BE BACK 😁 ln God we trust…

Mambo Dhuterere Caught Cheating

News that Mambo Dhuterere was abandoned by his wife is circulating on social media with reports that his wife reportedly went back home to Botswana.

Dhuterere's girlfriend
Dhuterere’s girlfriend

The news was shared by social media commentator Tatelicious who alleged that Mambo Dhuterere was caught at a car wash with his girlfriend who resides in Waterfalls Harare.

He reportedly beat up his wife after she confronted and beat up her girlfriend, only identified as Mercy, at the said car wash and that is when she decided to pack her things and leave.

Mercy also is from the same church as Mambo Dhuterere and is pregnant with second child.

Tatelicious also alleges that he is also involved in relationship with another woman from Sunningdale.


Tatelicious decided to expose Mambo Dhuterere’s shenanigans after ther musician said that he doesn’t know who she is.

Please anyone ane number dza Mai Dhuterere or the girlfriend weku Suningdale please tell them to reach out to me for closure ,my door is open . ❤️
I wanna hear their side of the story ndiite Live .🥰
I hope they both know me (First wife and Small House ) ,
because Dhuterere akati haandizive😂😂😂😂
Gwendo Gwuno Dhuts Achandiziva Chete 😂😂😂


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