Why Dwyane Johnson Bought A House For Themba Gorimbo

The story of Zimbabwean UFC champion Themba Gorimbo continues to inspire many, actor Dwayne Johnson included, as he has made major moves for the fighter.

Dubbing him the most humble and good-hearted human being, Dwayne Johnson again shared a story about why he bought Themba Gorimbo a house.

Having only $7 to his name, Gorimbo slept on a couch for some time before he made it.

Johnson, who is a well-known MMA fan and presented the “BMF” belt for a fight between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz in 2019, said Gorimbo’s story especially resonated with him because he recalls having $7 to his name in Miami, prior to his rise in pro wrestling and entertainment.

He actually owns a production company called Seven Bucks Production.

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Gorimbo was broke and sleeping on a couch but was blessed with a new house in the United States where he could also move in with his family from Zimbabwe.

Johnson made the revelation on social media saying;

Beautiful to see
@ufc’s @TheAnswerMMA saying goodbye to the couch he’s been sleeping on for months in the gym.

Themba’s story is incredible

The guy had $7 bucks in his pocket after his last fight with UFC.

Sleeping on a couch in the gym.

Takes his winnings $ from his last UFC fight and instead of getting an apartment or a car – he uses that money to build a bush pump so his village back in Zimbabwe can have clean water.

He has an amazing heart – taking care of people.

I wanted to help him.
Bought him a house.
Now his family can come from Africa to live with him.
His family and his people are his reasons “WHY”

He’s a good-hearted human being, we need more like him and man I’m rooting for him to succeed.

Welcome home my brother and I will get you that couch as a keepsake reminder of your $7 bucks journey


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