Cause of Mohbad’s death sparks more controversy

Mohbad, real name Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, a talented hip-hop act, passed away last Tuesday. The cause of his death remains unknown as different accounts of circumstances surrounding the demise exist. One account was that he complained of an ear problem, which led to him being taken to the hospital.

He was alleged to have died in Ikorodu, Lagos, after being administered an injection by an auxiliary nurse.

The claim hasn’t been confirmed by anyone as neither his family nor friends have stated how he died.

Pains, fears

It was also said that Mohbad died of injuries sustained in a fight with a childhood friend, Primeboy. However, Primeboy, who was among the last persons who saw the deceased in Ikorodu, came out to deny the allegation.

He acknowledged being with the former Marlian Music signee the day before he died but said they had no issue. Accusing fingers are also being pointed at a show promoter, Sam Larry, who was seen in an old video assaulting Mohbad.

The deceased whose demise opened a can of worms about his ordeals after leaving Marlian Record, in June, petitioned the Inspector General of Police, IGP, over an alleged threat to his life by Sam Larry.

It was learned that the police didn’t act on the petition until Mohbad died, leading to outrage from music lovers across the country and beyond.

Sam Larry, who has also denied culpability, is also being dragged online alongside Naira Marley. Ever since Mohbad’s death last week, videos of his trials and trauma have emerged, revealing his fears, pains and ordeals after leaving Marlian Music.


Mohbad’s death, though painful, is not the first time the Nigerian music industry has lost an artist, but this may probably be the first since the death of Dagrin that an artist’s death will generate emotions from lots of music lovers.

His death has raised questions about the culture of thuggery, impunity and disregard for law, which have crept into Nigeria’s flourishing music industry.

Mohbad, who has since been buried, may have gone but his death has caused quite a storm in the entertainment industry, with a lot of people believing his exit was not natural.

Some believe he was killed while others think he died as a result of depression. Claims of Mohbad dying after being struck with juju , black magic powers, also exist.

Mohbad’s Record label

Suspicions that he was killed were based on past posts Mohbad made, alleging threats to his life and career.

Mohbad, who was signed by Marlian Music alongside three other artists in 2019, left the record label barely two years after being unveiled.

His exit from Marlian Music was controversial. After he left, the talented musician started making scary posts on social media, telling the world that his former record label was after his life.

In an Instagram live video after his release from National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, custody for having cannabis and molly in 2022, Mohbad claimed his arrest was not without the knowledge of his ex-record label.

He said: “I don’t know why these people hate me. They have been doing bad things to me. I went mad because of this issue. Now, they are trying to kill me. Everybody in the whole world, please help me. If I die, just know it was Marlian Music and Naira Marley that killed me.”

Some minutes after the video reports from another live Instagram video showed Mohbad going to a hospital. He was heard crying out, “God please help me, I don’t trust anybody please help me. I don’t want to die.”

The reason for his outburst was not disclosed at the time, but it came after the artist and his colleague, Zinoleesky, were arrested by NDLEA officers.

Mohbad even revealed that he was once beaten up by Naira Marley and his gang after he requested a change of manager. He was seriously brutalised and hospitalised, according to him.

Mohbad also spoke about how his parents were threatened by his former record label and how Naira Marley did all in his power to stop his career growth.


There was even a period when Mohbad was rumoured to have been depressed and thought of ending his life. He was, however, stopped by his close pal, Bella Shmurda, who was around the same vicinity as him, the day he decided to end it all.

Shmurda revealed this early this year. Shmurda in an interview with Chude Jideonwo in January also disclosed that Mohbad contemplated suicide. According to Shmurda, the late singer dealt with depression stemming from the end of his contract with Marlian Music.

“I do not want to say this but I will. I and Mohbad were in an apartment when he suddenly said he felt like jumping from the floor because of the issues he was having with his label. It was his girlfriend who came to alert us that he was at the edge of his window and was about to jump to his death. Anything that will make anyone attempt to take their own life is extreme and when it does happen, these people will join the many tweeting RIP.” Shmurda said.


Shortly after his friend’s death, Shmurda, who posted a picture of him mourning his friend, reiterated his belief that Mohbad became a target of his former record label.

Mourning his friend Mohbad, Bella Shmurda via his Insta-stories section wrote: “What goes around will surely come around,” implying he suspected foul play in Mohbad’s death.

Shmurda’s post was indirectly corroborated by media personality, Lola Okunrin, whose post after Mohbad’s death, pointed fingers at Mohbad’s ex-record label. He accused them of frustrating Mohbad.

“Promoters will want to give Mohbad shows, you will give them bad reviews about him. A boy who is already depressed from his tussles with your record label. You still dey finish am. Isn’t that enough to kill him? You might not have killed him directly but e lowo nbe, “Lola Okunrin, a media personality said.


Bella Shmurda, who is Mohbad’s best friend in the industry, in the post alerted people that Mohbad was suffering from acute depression but it seemed his cry was not attended to. Mohbad, through the lyrics of some of his songs, had given insights into his emotional struggles. The talented musician spoke about certain enemies fighting hard to stop his rise, musically.

Mohbad is survived by his parents, siblings, newborn baby and wife. Meanwhile, fans have demanded an account of his last moments.

Mohbad’s songs are now topping the chart on most streaming platforms like Apple, Spotify and Boomplay among others. Several commentators online have asked that the place and how he died be made known by those who were with him to the end. It is believed that such a revelation may respond to some posers regarding the untimely exit of the 27-year-old musician.

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