Minnie Dlamini’s Ex-Hubby Quinton Demands Spousal Support

Celebrity couple Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones are reportedly in a bitter custody battle over their child and spousal support dispute and the latter is asking for spousal support amounting to thousands of Rands.

The couple who got married in 2017 announced their divorce early last year.

According to sources close to the couple, Minnie has expressed concerns that Jones is attempting to paint her as an unfit mother and even making claims to her house, despite never having contributed financially.

“Minnie is a hard worker and will do anything for her child, he is just bitter because she has moved on with her life and she is doing everything for their child without asking him for anything,” adds the source.

With their legal battle having been going on for over a year, it has now emerged that Jones is demanding R10 000 monthly support from Minnie.

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A source close to the estranged couple says Minnie is willing to fight tooth and nail to make sure her soon-to-be ex doesn’t benefit anything from her hard-earned money.

“Can you imagine Minnie taking care of their child and also supporting him financially, she will never let it happen. She has good lawyers on her side who will fight to make sure he doesn’t get anything.” the source says.

Talking about why her marriage failed in a radio interview earlier this year, Minnie said she failed herself because she ignored red flags. “In relationships, you always know, you know when you look back, that was a red flag or that was a red flag,” she said, adding that she was not the blame.

“You’re either the red flag, and you’re not acknowledging it, or they are the red flag, or they have red flags, and you’re not acknowledging it,” she said.

According to another source, the bitter battle has left Minnie Dlamini feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, and she is at her breaking point.

“The dispute over custody and spousal support has added to the stress of being a single mother, and Minnie is struggling to cope with the situation,” says the source.

According to the source, Minnie is doing her best to be a good mother, and she is determined to fight for what is best for her baby.

“She is overwhelmed and frustrated with everything he has put her through and is now at her breaking point,” adds the source. Minnie refused to comment saying the matter was still in court. Jones ignored both our WhatsApp texts and calls to give his side of the story.

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