Andile Mpisane applauded for losing weight

Soccer player and reality TV star Andile Mpisane had his social media followers impressed and praising him after he posted a video of himself giving his all and working out in a gym.

Andile Mpisane has been previously criticised for not having good soccer skills. Netizens have blasted the Royal AM player for being spoilt and undeserving of the spot in the team. Nonetheless, he has kept his cool and has evidently been training on and off the field. He has clearly been spending a great deal of his time in the gym and it shows.

He posted a video of himself working out in a gym and had his fans, critics, and social media followers applauding him. They were convinced that all the work he had been putting in was not only showing on his body, but also on the field.

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The Royal AM Football Club played against the Kaizer Chiefs at the FNB stadium on Saturday, 16 September, and ended the match with both teams on nill. However, during that match, Mpisane, 22, ended up being an unused substitute, SowetanLIVE reported. Nonetheless, Royal AM coach John Maduka is said to have still had good things to say about him.

“He’s not a player that pulls out [of training sessions]. He might look the way he looks [he looks a little bit out of shape] but whenever we do training sessions, he does finish training sessions. The conditioning part is very, very tough but he does manage to finish,” Maduka was quoted as saying.

Andile Mpisane work in the gym seems to have paid off. Image via Instagram @andilempisane10
Andile Mpisane work in the gym seems to have paid off. Image via Instagram @andilempisane10


“Congratulations you have lost lots of weight👏,” @daulu_musa said.

“🔥🔥 You’ve lost so much weight. I love the consistency and hard work 🙌 keep on pushing 🔥,” @main_maan responded.

“You’re coming all right 👏, football-wise. I don’t doubt your body was a problem, but I see a lot of improvement 👏👏,” @wayne_dumisani wrote.

“Congratulations we all see the beautiful difference. Well done,” @sthandwannzama commented.

“The Transformation is 👏👏excellent….. congratulations PA 🎊,” @kgmoala replied.

“I can see the muscles on the thighs popping out🙌,” @lowkeyz_sa reacted.

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