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Woman falls seriously ill after responding to a Ghanaian witch doctor’s WhatsApp message offering wealth

A Bulawayo woman fell ill under mysterious circumstances after falling prey to a WhatsApp scam involving a witch doctor from Ghana who was offering a get-rich-quick plan.

Catherine Zimidzi (23) from Cement Siding in Bulawayo stumbled upon a post in a WhatsApp group advertising the services of a man named “Baba” from Ghana, who claimed to possess the power to change one’s fate.

Driven by her dire circumstances and the desire to provide for her mother’s healthcare, Catherine decided to take a leap of faith and reached out to this mysterious individual.

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She willingly provided her pictures, hoping that this would unlock a brighter future.

After sending her pictures, Catherine was met with silence from Baba.

However, he resurfaced the following day, demanding that she send him nude pictures and her banking details.

Desperate for a way out of her destitution, Catherine agreed to the transaction and managed to collect the money through an international money transfer service.

Unfortunately, Catherine’s joy was short-lived as she began experiencing severe and continuous bleeding a week later.

Filled with worry and fear, her health rapidly deteriorated, leaving her in a state of constant anxiety.

She believed that the man from Ghana she encountered, who had since become unreachable, was somehow involved in her suffering.

Two months after this ill-fated encounter, Catherine finds herself trapped in a nightmarish situation.

The promise of a better life has turned into a living nightmare, as she grapples with the physical and emotional toll of her actions.

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With no one to turn to and no recourse, Catherine is left questioning her decision and the consequences that have befallen her.

She believes that the problem will eventually stop on its own


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