Sir Wicknell, Sonja divorced after he caught her bedding another man

Zimbabwe’s controversial businessman Wicknell Chavoy’s marriage is on the rocks amid revelations that the two are separated.

Chivayo’s wife, Sonja Madzikanda has confirmed the rumour that the two are no longer living together as husband and wife and they are heading for a formal divorce.

Sonja, in a social media post, said they will be announcing their divorce soon. She says she has been inundated with calls from various people hence she has decided to clear the air.

“Myself and the kids are doing very good… He is a single guy, myself and him are- no longer together, we haven’t been together in a while,”.

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She also confirmed that they are ironing out some details about their divorce which should be announced on the 1st of May.

“All I can say is that he can do whatever he wants, and I can do whatever I want, he is single


You can watch the video here;

Chivayo catches Sonja in bed with another man

Early last year, Wicknell Chivayo reportedly caught his wife Sonja in their matrimonial bed with another man. This, according to social media influencer, Tatelicious, is the reason for the twio’s separation.

Tatelicious alleges that Chivayo who was away in Dubai came back home to find Sonja in bed with another man.

Writing on Facebook, she said: Wickenel akabatikidza mkadzi achibhaudwa and abva adzinga Sonia. Chikubvira kwaChivayo🤣🤣🤣Hauna mb*ro Wikinero mari haizi mboro Enda unowedzerwa mb*ro, please usahurirwe.”

In 2017 Chivayo married Sonja Madzikanda and it was reported that a bride price of USD$50 000 was paid.

Tatelicious claimed Chivayo is failing to satisfy his wife forcing her to find better men to please her.

“Wani ndakaiswa b*che wani, MONEY CAN DO ANYTHING. Iwe unogona kunowedzerwa mb*ro,ZVAUNE MARI WANI SONIA KUBATWA MBORO YECHIKOMBA YAKANYURA🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”, she wrote.

However, back in 2018, Sonja Madzikanda went on an online meltdown after catching his husband cheating.

Madzikanda blasted Chivayo and accused him of infidelity and mistreating her.

She narrated her story explaining how she had an encounter with one of Chivayo’s alleged mistresses hours before the recently held Miss World Zimbabwe pageant.

“Whoever told you that this life and lifestyle was gold and glittery lied to you. I am telling you my pre-Miss Zimbabwe drama.

“Marrying a crazy psychopath who thinks this is cute. I know I will have people that will be coming at me like (saying) ‘no do not talk about your marital wars online’. Listen, this stuff is real.

“Women are out here being oppressed in this thing called marriage,” she ranted.

Madzikanda added that Chivayo’s sisters were advising her to take the high road and forgive her husband, something that did not go well with her.

“On top of that his sisters are here sending me voice notes about how I need to seek forgiveness and be a better person.

I catch all types of feelings because I have been through enough. I have been through social humiliation. I have been through the problems in this relationship,” said Madzikanda.

Upon hearing this, Chivayo’s sister, Moe, who has publicly confirmed that she was against the marriage from the beginning added salt to the wound.

“You do not love that man. You wanted the lifestyle and it kills you that he did not live up to what you expected. At the end of the day, dust yourself up and go to parties because you are not heartbroken.

“You are financially disappointed but be glad he bought you that Land Rover and sends petty EcoCash to your phone,’’ said Moe.

Whilst playing Jah Signal’s current hit “Shinga Muroora” in the background, Moe continued to bash her sister in-law and accused her of making things up.

“Every time you try to go to your parents’ house, they send you back and when you get home, he is driving off. I will be mad too if I were you. I will be posting things on social media making things up.”

Sir Wickenell’s alleged relationship with Mihlali Ndamase

Chivayo is currently the subject of rumors that he is romantically involved with South African influencer Mihlali Ndamase. Social media platforms were bombarded with reports of their purported affair, which sparked a great deal of interest among internet users.

The speculations gained momentum when Musa Khawula, a controversial figure on the X platform, revealed information about Ndamase’s alleged relationship with Wicknell Chivayo. According to Khawula, “Mihlali Ndamase’s new partner, Wicknell Chivayo, is wedded and shares parenthood with his current spouse.”

Chivayo, however, quickly refuted these claims on Instagram, posting, “Leave me alone, please. Being rich is not a crime.” Ndamase, though, has said nothing about the situation.

He also confirmed that he is single after posting a series of messages after rumours of his alleged romance with Mihlali swelled.

hivayo highlighted that he is constantly under scrutiny because of his wealth, while poor men engage in illicit affairs without getting the same level of attention.

“My problem is MURI KUNDI RAMBISA ne mamwe ma bhebhi andiri kutodawo ndakunzi ndiri controversial ndine vakawanda…Isusu tine mari tisu vamunoda kuisa telescope heee cheating on his wife heee he’s married kana uri mupfumi ZVINO SHAMISEI izvozvo ko imi especially VAROMBO kana ne vakadzi vevanhu nehama chaidzo zvese muri ku dzi chinjanisa…SHUT UP and SIT DOWN….,” Chivayo wrote in one Instagram story.

In another Instagram story, Wicknell revealed his goal to outdo his grandfather who had twelve official wives and expand his family. He cautioned social media users against pairing him up with anyone they fancy, warning them not to provoke his wrath.

“Sekuru vangu vaive ne Vakadzi 12 vese official saka I’m actually very optimistic and hopeful I will manage to beat that number ndokudza DZINZA redu…Musandipe vanhu vasiri vangu manyanya ku dherera pa internet apa vamwe vachazviona havo kuti ini nditori benzi zvaro ndaka kurira ku Chitungwiza and Borrowdale ndakatozoenda manje manje musi uno apa…,” Wicknell revealed.

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