Omah Lay concert girl Jessani issues public apology to boyfriend over viral video

Jessani, the now-infamous fan of Nigerian singer Omah Lay, recently took to TikTok to set the record straight. Following her allegedly steamy on-stage performance with the latter, she took to the video-sharing platform to claim that her boyfriend knew that she would take the opportunity to perform with the acclaimed musician, should such a situation arise.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend now reportedly has a new girlfriend, whom he chose with the help of streamer Kai Cenat. This has led to Jessani being trolled on social media.

For those uninitiated, Jessani took the stage alongside Omah Lay at his Boy Alone London concert and during his Bend You performance. She proceeded to grace the stage with the 26-year-old singer and allegedly took part in a sensuous performance in front of her boyfriend, leading him to leave the venue.

After streamer Kai Cenat learned about the occurrence, he invited the boyfriend to his stream and hosted an e-dating show for him where he could find love again. According to Times Now News, the boyfriend in question decided to date social media user Sevyntv after choosing her among 20 other contestants.

Meanwhile, Jessani has taken to the internet to share her “side of the story.” While revealing that she was receiving a series of death threats, she said:

“I thought I would do a story time and tell my side of the story because the amount of hate I’m getting; I am getting called all type of things that I never even heard before.”

“I want to publicly apologize to him”: Jessani takes to TikTok as Omah Lay controversy goes viral

After telling followers that she wanted to do a “story time” video about what happened, she stated:

“I want to publicly apologize to him. Obviously, me and him have had private conversations, and we spoke, but since it was public, I think the right thing for me to do is to publicly apologize to him like that was bad. It was honestly a mistake; like, if I knew this would like this would go this… I wouldn’t even go to the concert, because this does not worth the hate I am receiving.”

Jessani also addressed the rumors of her name being “Fafa.” She clarified that she told Omah Lay fans that her name was “Jess” on stage. She also stated that she was the one who paid for the tickets, and not her boyfriend, as speculations about the same were reportedly making their rounds online.

Jessani also clarified that her boyfriend knew that she would go onstage if Omah Lay called for her. She stated that her now ex-boyfriend never said he had an issue with her dancing alongside the singer.

Netizens put Jessani under blast as public apology video goes viral

Internet users could not help but troll the woman in question. Many showed endless support for the boyfriend, with one netizen claiming that Jessani’s actions were a sign that she was not the one the boyfriend must be with. A few comments online read:

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