DJ Ollah 7 resigns from Star FM amidst US$2000 scandal

DJ Ollah 7 unexpectedly bid an emotional farewell to Star FM after a remarkable 11 years of service to the popular radio station. His Monday night show ended abruptly, shocking both fans and listeners with the news.

It was mysterious why the lively DJ—who was well-known for his stirring interviews on “After Drive”—left, as he did not reveal his reasons.

However, some sources say it came a few hours before a scheduled Tuesday disciplinary hearing concerning US$2 000 which had been paid by a Star FM client.

DJ Ollah 7 took time during the sad announcement to thank his supervisors and coworkers at Star FM. With tears in his eyes, he expressed his gratitude to each colleague separately and acknowledged the trust and encouragement he had gotten from the station’s managers.

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The touching moment was enhanced when DJ Ollah 7’s producer, Nyari, burst into tears, highlighting the close relationship within the radio family.

“I thank my colleagues and the bosses at Star FM for trusting me, believing in me, and giving me an opportunity to shine at the station,” said DJ Ollah 7 during his farewell.

The news of DJ Ollah 7’s departure quickly spread across social media, triggering an outpouring of emotions from fans and fellow celebrities. Thousands of comments flooded in, bidding the DJ farewell and expressing both sorrow and curiosity about his future endeavours.

“Ola, please don’t go. Ko ticha bvunzwa nani?” pleaded Madam Boss in a heartfelt comment, capturing the sentiments of many fans.

Among the comments, there were messages of well-wishes and support for DJ Ollah 7’s future journey. Chipsy Mhofu-kadzie, Tawanda Chingondo, Farai Mutsunguma, and others conveyed their best wishes and expressed their admiration for the departing radio personality.

“All the best, my brother, in your future endeavour. We will always be there to support you,” shared Chipsy Mhofu-kadzie.

As fans grapple with the unexpected departure, DJ Ollah 7’s impact on Star FM and the hearts of listeners becomes evident. The charismatic radio personality leaves behind a legacy of powerful interviews and memorable moments that endeared him to a wide audience.

“You’ve left a notch in the hearts of many bro. However, we need to continue opening new doors, hence avail bread on the table for the children. Wish you well in all your endeavours, Ollah,” expressed Mariga Gushaz.

DJ Ollah 7’s journey in radio has been marked by dedication and passion. Starting as a rising star, he navigated the industry with charisma and skill, eventually landing the coveted role at Star FM. His powerful presence and ability to connect with listeners have made him a household name in the radio landscape.

As fans await news on DJ Ollah 7’s next move, the radio waves echo with the memories of his impactful career at Star FM.

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