Taylor Swift is overrated Shadaya Knight

Zimbabwean social commentator Shadaya Knight claims that American musician Taylor Swift is overrated and can not be compared to some music greats in the industry.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the motormouth feminism critique claims that mainstream media is the one responsible for propelling her image globally.

Shadaya says that very few people know Taylor Swift’s songs in Africa but people know her image.

Shadaya said;

Taylor Swift is proof that marketing beats talent. She is one of the most famous people in the world, one of the most streamed artists, one of the artists with many awards, has the most sold out concerts, most talked about etc

But when you actually listen to her music, there’s really nothing extra ordinary about her, unlike the Michael Jacksons, Bob Marleys, Celine Dion etc. This is a woman in her 30s who sings like a teenager

Her songs are very forgettable. Outside the US, none of her songs are actually popular. In Africa more people know her face and name more than her songs

So what makes her seem like this once in a lifetime artist?

Marketing. This is mainstream media at it’s finest, everything about her is well marketed, it is hyped to create this larger than life character. She is the most overhyped artist of this generation.

Is Taylor Swift Overrated?

Although she is mostly known for her relationship songs, Taylor Swift has written about a wide variety of subjects: close family members, growing up, friends, the personal effects of the Vietnam War, depression, feminism, homophobia, karma, miscarriage, and many more.

The old argument that Swift only writes about her breakups is false. The relationship songs are just her most popular hits. And if an artist was making most of their money from one specific topic, wouldn’t it normal to expect them to write more about it?

In addition to covering many song topics, Swift also creates music in a multitude of genres. Over the years, her music has transformed from country to pop to folk. Her album Reputation cannot even be defined by one genre because of its unique style and its difference from any other album.

Talking about anyone’s dating life negatively is inappropriate and an invalid reason to criticize someone.

— Alyssa Thayer

She has brought country music back to younger generations and changed it to be able to have more of a pop feel. Swift’s impact on country music is undeniable.

Some people, meanwhile, say Swift is now “overexposed,” but – surprise – she already has a song about that. “Nothing New” also covers how female artists lose popularity as they age. “Lord, what will become of me once I’ve lost my novelty,” Swift writes about her presentation in the media now and what might happen in the future.

Sexism is a common theme amongst the anti-Swift arguments. Almost every debate about her music somehow starts with her relationships and ends with her looks.

Talking about anyone’s dating life negatively is inappropriate and an invalid reason to criticize someone. Furthermore, reporters have never talked about a man’s personal life and dating history as much as they have about Swift’s life, so these arguments that she is a “serial dater” are prejudiced.

Artists such as Morgan Wallen are praised for their connections to their emotions in songwriting, but Swift is degraded for it. Wallen’s discography consists of many breakup songs, while Swift only has a quarter, but nobody has ever told Wallen he writes the same song repeatedly.

Overall, Swift writes relatable songs that help her process what she is going through in life.

She has altered the way performers put on live shows, and she has greatly influenced pop and country music. The argument that she is overexposed is invalid because of her popularity, which doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon.

Opinion: Unfortunately, there is no escape from Taylor

Swift does possess a talent for songwriting, as not many people can put together words in the way that she does. But most of her songs are mediocre at best.

Swift’s music has become predictable and repetitive, as she has used the same chord progressions repeatedly. The songs “Lavender Haze” and “I Think He Knows,” for example, sound suspiciously like one another.

There comes a time in fame where everything a celebrity says makes an impression on their followers.

— Alayna Scanlon

Her songs rarely include meaningful lyrics and deep subjects, and instead repeat the typical breakup story and feuds with other celebrities. Swift has several songs with lyrics that don’t set good examples for her audience.

In the song “Blank Space,” she talks about a toxic relationship and how she dealt with it. “I get drunk on jealousy, but you’ll come back each time you leave / Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.”

While it can be claimed that Swift has no control over her fans’ behavior and beliefs, all celebrities are aware that being famous means influencing fans. There comes a time in fame where everything a celebrity says makes an impression on their followers.

Swift complains that people judge her for break-ups, but in reality, she is the one who writes and sings about them. And the ex-lovers usually don’t get to explain their side of the relationship drama.

Meanwhile, other artists with at least as much talent as Swift have been ignored due to her overpromoted songs and performances. These artists deserve more recognition for their efforts, but don’t have the chance to rise to fame because of the unrealistic expectations built by Swift’s fanbase.

Then there is the overexposure issue. People can only take so much of a celebrity for so long. With the news of Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce dating, a new audience has been introduced to Swift’s impact.

There comes a point in many celebrities’ careers where the media is overwhelmed with their presence. Swift declared a break after the release of her album 1989, and she may need to consider it again.

Other celebrities, like Tom Holland, Kim Kardashian, and Alec Baldwin, have taken extended breaks for reasons such as mental health and overexposure.

Now, with Swit being on tour, re-releasing her old albums, coming out with a movie, and hanging out at NFL games, she might want to think about taking a break. It won’t be long before the internet has seen enough of her.

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