Idols SA winner Thapelo Molomo admits to working on cruise ship: What he does there will surprise you

Season 18 Idols SA winner Thapelo Molomo has decided to set the record straight following reports that he is working at a cruise ship after falling on hard times.

Addressing the allegations on Instagram Live, Molomo revealed that he is not a waiter and is not ashamed of taking on any job to make ends meet.

“I am not a waiter. I sold eggs immediately after winning Idols. I am not ashamed of any job as long as I can provide for my family.”

However, he works on the cruise ship as a singer.

“I am not a waiter here, but I am a vocalist on the ship. I am a singer full-time on the ship. I wouldn’t be a waiter if the opportunity presented itself,” said Molomo in part.

In Other News: Babes Wodumo speaks on pregnancy rumours

South African artist Babes Wodumo can’t seem to do anything right when it comes to online trolls and social media bullies. The gqom artist is back on stage and doing more performances weekly than she has over the last couple of years.

Unfortunately, this means that she is also subjected to more trolling and online bullying. This week, she found herself facing comments about her looking pregnant.

It looks like she is taking everything with a pinch of salt and even shared a response with one TikToker who remarked that she is pregnant.


Self-proclaimed gqom queen Babes Wodumo appears to be picking up the pieces of her life after losing her husband Mampintsha.

The musician has been spotted out and about several times in the last few months and is back to delivering electrifying performances.

Over the last few weeks, she performed at several events and is positively glowing.

Despite this, she faces a lot of body shaming and trolling from social media users who have no problem speaking about the musician’s weight gain.

One person even commented that the star looked pregnant.

This after she shared a video of herself onstage wearing a revealing two-piece outfit. Take a look below:



“She is pregnant lona (this one,)” one person commented.

Instead of ignoring the comment, the hitmaker responded using the rolling eyes emoji. This certainly left many buzzing as they discussed how the emoji doesn’t really mean a yes — or a no.

Others however defended the musician and congratulated herself for picking herself up and doing so well again. They also advised her to ignore trolls.

According to many of them, she is on route to becoming the biggest musician in South Africa again.

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