Shebeshxt unhappy with DJ Maphorisa over ‘Thweka’song royalties

Shebeshxt recently discussed his working relationship with DJ Maphorisa after releasing their song, Thwerka. The Ambulance hitmaker questioned how Porry does business, saying he has never discussed how the rights for the song would be split.

Shebeshxt calls out DJ Maphorisa over music rights

It’s about to get tense after Shebeshxt did a tell-all about his experience working with DJ Maphorisa.

In an interview on the L-Tido Podcast, the Limpopo revealed that not only is he being kept in the dark about the royalties for their song, Thwerka, but he also heard it on the release day like other fans and not exclusively.


Shebeshxt told L-Tido that he has a lot of respect for Porry, but his shadiness made him question the kind of businessman he is.

Moreover, the rapper said he needs more knowledge of the music business, saying the royalties aren’t as important to him.

Phori received backlash after disclosing that artists who record in his studio forfeit their music rights to him.

Seeing that Thwerka was recorded in Maphorisa’s studio, it’s evident that Shebe should kiss those royalties goodbye.

Twitter (X) user VnatorB shared a short clip from the full interview:

“I don’t like sugarcoating stuff, I tell the truth, and people hate me for that. I respect him a lot, and I’m not saying I want the split sheets; I just need knowledge.

“I’d be happy if people like him would teach us how the music business works because when they don’t guide us, you start doubting them and yourself.”

Mzansi reacts to Shebeshxt’s interview

Netizens are stunned by Shebe’s revelations and called DJ Maphorisa out on his shady business dealings.

Previously, Shebe put Focalistic on blast for not properly acknowledging him for performing at his event, saying he felt under-appreciated:

ChrisEcxel102 said:

“There’s trouble in studio paradise.”

kevinwizlxvi wrote:

“It looks like it didn’t end well.”

PulengKagiso posted:

“When Mac G said Phori was taking people for a ride, y’all came for him. Here is the proof.”

user-bh2xy1mi6v called Maphorisa out:

“Maphorisa is doing too much now.”

Ora5252 responded:

“Mac G was right about Maphorisa. Big ups to Shebe for being open.”

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