“I was a millionaire in my 20s”: Sonia Mbele opens up on failed marriage

Blood and Water actress, Sonia Mbele says she was blindsided in her failed marriage, when she found out the house she was living in for 8-years with her husband at the time, and her kids, wasn’t hers.

The mother of 4 who was married to high-profile attorney, Leslie Sedibe, says although she divorced in 2014 after 8-years of marriage, she had checked out from her marriage mentally years before she actually left.

“As a woman who entered into the marriage to build, to make it work, to stay, I found things out along the way that I just could not believe.

Slowly, I started finding out these things that, slowly depreciated my love, I’ll give you an example, I learnt that the house we were staying in, was not my house. There was a piece of paper that I found which included an additional paragraph after I had already signed.

This paragraph basically said, ‘This is not your house. You found it standing,’ when in actual fact, I found it flat, I was there from digging the foundation.

I lived in a house without windows guys, now you’re telling me that this house isn’t mine, I was basically a lodger.

People would come into the house and ask, ‘where’s the woman of the house?’, and I would walk down the stairs, proudly so, because it’s me, only to realize, actually it’s not my house.”

Sonia Mbele says she found out years into her marriage that the house she shared with the now ex-husband wasn’t hers

The 46-year old, was speaking candidly in an interview about divorce, where she shared that she was actually just a bet that Sedibe had made with his friends.

“Then I find out, I was just a bet. They saw me on TV, there were 4 of them, it was ‘on your marks, get set, go.’

Then he hands me divorce papers, which was fine. And then, after handing me papers, a few days after, he says to me, ‘let’s fix this,’ I remember sitting there questioning what was there to fix?”

The creative producer of Real Housewives of Johannesburg said she was in disbelief to find that nothing about her marriage and relationship with Sedibe was real.

Sonia says she didn’t need any of her ex-husband’s financial assets, because she was a multi-millionaire already in her 20s.

“I was the first face of a number of luxury brands, and I didn’t need any financial contribution from him. I created that lifestyle for me, the lifestyle of luxury, of standards.

I remember once I had an argument with him because my son was removed from his bed and made to sleep on the floor, so his son could take the bed, and I lost it.

The next morning, was Sunday, and we had to go to church, the entire drive to Soweto, was in silence. We get there, and he jumps up and comes to open my door, because the show must go on.”

The actress who took time off from dating after her marriage failed, is said to be in a new relationship but did not disclose with whom.

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