Moyo Lawal says her leaked intimate tape got unjust reactions compared to Mohbad’s death

In recent news, popular actress Moyo Lawal has raised her voice regarding the calls for justice in the wake of MohBad’s passing. She expressed her feelings of frustration, calling out those who she believes are being hypocritical and insincere in their support for the late artist.

Moyo Lawal, who recently faced her own share of public scrutiny when a private video from her past was leaked, shared her thoughts on social media. She admitted that the incident had taken a toll on her mental well-being, almost pushing her into depression.

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The Guardian had recently reported that Moyo Lawal found herself at the centre of a storm when an intimate video, which she claims is from years ago, surfaced online. The video, featuring Moyo Lawal and her partner, quickly went viral and drew significant criticism and backlash from the online community.

However, what seemed to trouble Moyo Lawal the most was the stark contrast in the public’s reaction to her situation and the outpouring of support for MohBad after his tragic passing. In an Instagram post, she referred to this as “One-Sided Justice” and expressed her frustration, stating, “The same people who almost dragged me into depression when my nυde video got leaked are the same people shouting ‘Justice’ for Mohbad, God is watching.”

Moyo Lawal’s comments have sparked a discussion on the consistency of public sentiment in times of controversy and tragedy, highlighting the need for empathy and fair treatment for all individuals, regardless of their circumstances.

As the conversation continues, it’s a reminder that in our digital age, the impact of online actions and reactions can have a profound effect on the lives and mental well-being of public figures and individuals alike.

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