“I need water”: Kembo Mohadi cries before collapsing in front of thousands of supporters

In a surprising turn of events, Vice President Kembo Mohadi collapsed during a rally aimed at drumming up support for a ZANU PF candidate ahead of by-elections to be held next onth in Gutu West, Zimbabwe.

According to reports, VP Mohadi had to be airlifted to an unknown place after collapsing as he was addressing a campaign launch for the ruling party’s candidate, John Paradza. The sudden fall left rally attendees in shock and raised pressing questions about the health of one of the country’s vice presidents.

Sources close to the developments say the VP suddenly requested for some water before collapsing.

According to The Standard, security agents immediately took action, rounding up journalists covering the event and instructing them to delete any photos of VP Kembo Mohadi’s collapse. The veil of secrecy surrounding his condition left many speculating about the cause.

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In an attempt to downplay the incident, ZANU-PF’s secretary for security, Lovemore Matuke, claimed, “Surely there is no story. It’s sugar diabetes.”

However, this explanation did little to satisfy those who witnessed the event and were left baffled by the rapid turn of events.

The mystery surrounding Mohadi’s collapse and the subsequent evacuation deepened, leaving many wondering about the transparency and truthfulness of the official explanation.


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