Man spends 55 years in his house out of fear of women

A 71-year-old man named Callixte Mzamwita from Rwanda has recently shared a remarkable story, revealing that he has not had a face-to-face interaction with a woman for over half a century. Mzamwita disclosed that he began isolating himself at the age of 16 and has continued to do so until the present day, at 77, without ever encountering a woman.

According to Afrimax English, Mzamwita’s self-imposed isolation has now persisted for 55 years. He has rigorously maintained his solitude as he has no desire to engage in conversations or meet women. A local woman explained that the only reason he permitted her entry into his house was due to her association with the media, expressing that he would have refused entry otherwise.

In his own words, Mzamwita expressed, “The reason why I lock myself in and put a fence around my house is to ensure that no women can approach me. I do not want women around me because they make me feel very scared.”

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Neighbours recounted that from his early years, he had been consistent in staying within the confines of his property. Whenever he saw a woman attempting to enter his premises, he would promptly retreat into his house and lock himself in.

From a medical perspective, this unique situation can be attributed to a condition known as Gynophobia, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Various factors, including past childhood experiences or cultural influences, can contribute to the development of such a condition.

Despite Mzamwita’s aversion to female contact, his female neighbors have been providing assistance, such as throwing food over the fence surrounding his property. Although he refuses to interact with them directly, he accepts the provisions from a distance.

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What makes this situation particularly intriguing is that Mzamwita continues to carry out everyday activities within his home, including the use of the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, and accommodation, despite his extreme isolation.

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