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Musa Khawula sentenced to 15 years in jail for murder?

Here is what we know

News that celebrity blogger Musa Khawula has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for the murder of his boyfriend has been circulating on social media.

Authenticity of the claims is in doubt since details of the murder trial are all in the public domain.

Here is what we know so far about Musa Khawula’s murder trial

Musa Khawula, who confessed to fatally stabbing his ex-boyfriend and photographer, Wandile Khambule ws rescheduled for trial to January 23, 2024. Therefore, news that he has been sentenced is all fake.

The daring celebrity blogger claimed in a Tik Tok video that he was acting in self-defence when he stabbed his lover in the back and chest.

The Vredenburg Magistrates Court in the Western Cape postponed the matter to January for the prosecution to decide if the matter goes to the High Court, if found that Khawula intentionally killed his lover.

How Musa Khawula killed his boyfriend

The former couple moved from Carletonville to Vredenburg in the Western Cape to start a new life together. It’s alleged that Khambule (35) found himself a girlfriend ,Sweetness Jaftha, in the area.

She alleges Khawula came to her house just after and demanded to see Khambule.”Khambule refused to speak to him and said he was not interested in what he wanted to say because he was not interested in him romantically.

I then asked them to go [and] speak outside because there were other people in the house,’ Jaftha was quoted in a Sunday tabloid.

“When I checked to see what was happening outside, I saw Khawula running after Khambule with a big knife [and] stabbing him, he fell in front of my brother’s bakkie. I then asked one of my friends to go [and] try to stop what was happening. He stabbed him in his chest and at the back.’ The tension of a “third wheel” is said to have angered Khawula, who was financially taking care of Khambule.

Musa Khawula Sentencing Date

Spokesperson for NPA in western Cape Eric Ndabazalila confirmed that Khawula appeared in court yesterday and that the case was remanded to 23 January next year for a plea and trial.

“The accused did apply for legal aid and a lawyer was appointed,” Ndabazalila said.

This is not the first time Khawula finds himself on the wrong side of the law. He was embroiled in a legal spat with celebrity photographer Dumani Khuzwayo early this year.

On March 2 this year, the Johannesburg High Court made a directive for Khawula to compensate Khuzwayo to the tune of R500 000 following defamatory social media posts against Khuzwayo, saying that he engaged in sexual acts for money.

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