Reasons you shouldn’t name your male child ‘Jayden’

Jayden is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “thankful” or “God will judge.”

My nephew is called Jayden, and my cousin also named his son Jayden, as well as countless other baby boys.

If a new couple suggests the name on a birth certificate, the hospital should refuse to include it in the baby’s name. Here’s why:

In the near future, when the name Jayden is called, almost all the men in the room will turn around and answer. It will be that period in the 90s when parents loved naming their male children ‘David’ or ‘Emmanuel’. Your child will be just one of the crowd, and imagine how difficult for teachers be to distinguish one Jayden from another.

If you name your child Jayden, it shows that you don’t know how to be original and that you are going with the trends. You think, ‘Here’s a popular name that everyone likes. I will name my child that.’

What’s the context and significance of naming your child Jayden? The name chosen should talk about how the child was born, or what you want for the child in the future, or even be named after someone special in your life.

There’s so much culture and history in African names that it amazes me that we would prefer Nordic or Hebrew names that either do not have deep meanings or there are words in our own native language that capture it perfectly.

With these few points of mine, I hope that you are convinced and not confused that you should not name your male children Jayden.

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