Tyrese Gibson blasts ex-wife for trying to reconcile after horrible divorce

Musician and actor Tyrese Gibson issued a blistering response to his ex-wife Samantha Lee’s recent statements that appeared to express regret over their divorce and a hope for reconciliation.

Lee wed the Fast and Furious star in 2017, and their daughter was born in 2018. They announced their split at the end of 2020; and although Lee appears to be hoping to mend relations, Gibson isn’t on the same page.

In an interview with the Hardly Initiated podcast, released on Oct. 16, Lee admitted that her fragile emotional state led to their marriage ending. “I was not in any position to make that decision,” she admitted. “I was extremely emotionally intoxicated.”

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Lee elaborated that she had failed to seek advice from “pro-marriage” friends, which didn’t help matters. “You need somebody to be that [balanced] person…in those moments,” she reflected.

She seemed somewhat contrite as she discussed the pros of a reconciliation with Gibson. “It’s my daughter’s father so if we were both going to show up and we were both going to fight for it equally and sacrifice equally, like you know things that I needed, and you know things that he knows he needed…. I wasn’t perfect. If we were both willing to fight and we were both willing to do certain things, then yes. No one wants a broken family.”

On Monday, Tyrese Gibson issued a response in the form of a scathing, 12-minute Instagram video. (The post has since been deleted.) He accused his ex of only making the remarks to gain publicity, and seemed to quash any hope Lee might’ve had that the two would get back together.

“She is loving it. Congratulations, you went viral again over something else that you said ’cause you trying to build up your YouTube page and get your followers up,” Gibson said.

He also pushed back at her assertion that the decision was the fault of unsupportive friends and family.

“If you had people in your ear at the time, they must be still in your ear because you still trying to get $20,000 a month for a 5-year-old. You make $160,000 a year on your own,” he said.

Gibson continued: “If you had people in your ear when you left me, those same people are in your ear three years later, cuz the lawyers are on my back every day. Go sell this shit to somebody else. And if you don’t like me, I don’t like you. I don’t need none of you women in my comments saying they like me.

“I don’t care to be liked, I got my heart broke. I was married, I was with this woman five years, I never cheated. I was a good man, a good husband, and very, very focused on my family and children.”

“I don’t want no one to confuse me releasing songs singing about how I feel about Samantha with confusing me wanting this woman back. If I wanted her back I would have got her back. I don’t want Sam.”

In the caption to the fiery post, Tyrese Gibson further rebuked Lee for her actions, and disrespect towards his current girlfriend, Zelie Timothy. “You’ve been taking shots at me and Zelie for the last 2 1/2 years,” he said. “You are desperate for fame [and] you’re trying to go viral on my back. I want you to leave me the fuck alone this was never love. It was just A ‘TRANSACTION.’”

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