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Bi Phakathi Reveals How DJ Black Coffee Helped Late Nompilo Dlamini

Philanthropist and businessman popularly known on social media as Bi Phakathi has revealed the good heart of South African millionaire DJ Black Coffee. The DJ reportedly helped with medical bills for Nompilo Dlamini who died on Tuesday after a long battle with cancer.

Nompilo was well-known on Twitter for her courageous battle against cystic fibrosis and she spent years raising awareness about the disease and seeking donations for a life-saving lung transplant.

The news of her passing were announced on her Instagram page.

According to the post, the 29-year-old died on Monday, 30 October.

“Dear friends and family, Nompilo passed peacefully in her sleep last night. As a family we are still digesting the news and will update you about the funeral arrangements in due course,” the post said.

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Black Coffee Helped Nompilo

The news that Black Coffee secretly helped Nompilo Dlamini came out after an X user accused the millionaire music executive of failing to help the vulnerable.

Bi Phakathi quickly came to his defence revealing an otherwise unknown trait of DJ Black Coffee.

@joy_zelda said;

We need to be honest about Black Coffee he has done nothing for Black People besides music,His an Billionaire but couldn’t even help Nompilo Dlamini whenever she asks for donations,yet wears R34k sneaker of Louis Vuitton,His an disgrace

Bi Phakathi was swift in his response to the lie saying;

Black Coffee bought Nompilo a breathing machine as a gift. She was using it when I took her to Cape Town. Groot man does a lot of good for people that he don’t share in public.


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