Mai TT fights for release from prison

Jailed comedienne, Mai TT, has appealed to the High Court against her conviction for theft of trust property.

Mai TT maintains she had no intention to deprive Rachel Mhuka of her US$10 000 or Else Event Car Hire of its vehicle.

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H-Metro reported that the hearing of the comedienne’s case was postponed to 06 November 2023 by High Court judges, Justices Happious Zhou and Benjamin Chikowero, after the State asked for more time to file its arguments.

Mai TT, whose real name is Felistas Murata, argues that the magistrate, who convicted her, erred in her findings that she had used the vehicle as collateral.

Through her lawyer, Tafadzwa Muvhami of Muvahami Attorneys, Mai “Total Trouble” submitted that Mhuka had every reason to lie to the court after realising that the car left in her company was repossessed.

She said she had no binding trust agreement with Mhuka and it wasn’t her intention to permanently deprive the car dealership.

Allegations were that in September 2022, Mai TT approached Rachel Mhuka saying she was in need of US$10 000 so that she could start a business.

She allegedly volunteered to give Mhuka a Mercedes Benz (AFF9759), which she claimed belonged to her, as surety.

Mai TT told Mhuka that she would forfeit the Mercedes Benz in the event that she failed to repay the US$10 000 on or before 30 November 2022.

The State alleges that acting on the misrepresentation, Mhuka gave Murata US$10 000.

After some days, Mai Titi allegedly returned to Mhuka and demanded back the car saying it did not belong to her.

She allegedly offered Mhuka an Audi Q5 (AFG3701) and an expired passport as surety.

Sometime in January this year, Mhuka was then approached by police from ZRP Rhodesville, who then seized the Audi Q5 saying it belonged to Else Event Car Hire.

Mhuka then lodged a complaint with the police leading to Mai TT’s arrest.

It is further alleged that Mai Titi approached Liberty Kudakwashe Vazhura at Else Car Rental intending to hire an Audi Q5.

Vazhura and Mai Titi then entered into an agreement where she was supposed to pay US$770 per week and a lease agreement was signed.

She failed to make the weekly payments, which prompted Vazhura to order her to return the car.

Vazhura then reported the matter to the Rhodesville Police Station.

The car was recovered from Mhuka’s place of residence where Mai Titi had surrendered it as collateral.

Mai TT reportedly later paid back the US$10 000 in full.

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