Andy Muridzo, Mai Keketso Agree On Child Custody

Afro-fusion musician Kudzai Andrew Ngwenya, better known by his stage name Andy Muridzo, from Harare, and his former spouse, Chido Manyange, a.k.a. Mai Keketso, appeared in court to present their arguments over their two children’s custody.

Both sides appeared before Magistrate Nyasha Marufu to discuss Muridzo’s request for custody of their two small children.

“Both parties have reached an agreement where the applicant will have custody of the older child, while the respondent will retain custody of the younger child,” stated Muridzo through his legal representative, Chodochamaria Nyanhongo.

“Your honour, the applicant will be responsible for the financial support of both minors, but it is essential that the respondent retains custody of the youngest child, who is just four years old.”

Mai Keketso told the court that they consented to sharing the custody of the two kids. The older one is said to be enrolling into a boarding school. The younger one, who is four years old, will stay with the mother, and Muridzo is to get custody during holidays and weekends.

Magistrate’s Counsel

Magistrate Marufu advised that it is in the best interest of the minors to live with their mother. He also said they should not be separated. She ordered Nyanhongo and Mai Keketso to write up a formal agreement that states that the children will not be separated.

This is not the first time Muridzo has been involved in a legal dispute with his estranged wife. In 2019, Mai Keketso took Andy Muridzo to court, demanding a monthly child support payment of US$1,800. She stated that the money was for the basic upkeep of their two minor children.

In 2018, Mai Keketso was put under arrest for assaulting Andy Muridzo while he was relaxing with his friends. The fight led to Mai Keketso pulling some of Andy Muridzo’s dreadlocks and damaging the windshield of his car.

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