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Amazulu striker Bongi Ntuli died from ‘muthi, not cancer’: Fans not convinced

Amazulu player, Bongi Ntuli’s fans believe the striker died from muthi and not from cancer as doctors suggested.

What was meant to be a weekend of celebration turned into a tragedy for AmaZulu FC CEO, Sinenhlanhla “Sne” Zungu.

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Bongi died on the day meant for the last leg of their wedding, Umabo (the traditional wedding of presenting gifts). The Ntuli family was going to accept Sinenhlanhla officially as their bride during the ceremony.

Amazulu and Bongi Ntuli’s supporters took to social media this week to reveal that the soccer star may have died from muthi and not from cancer.

@SthembiD said: “A friend was saying that. He said there is some muthi that if eaten it usually appears as cancer.”

She added: “We should really be careful of who we keep around these days…I hate family gatherings etc. because of stuff like these.”

Ntuli made headlines in September this year when he married Amazulu Football Club CEO Sinenjabulo “Sne” Zungu.

@londaWorldwide believes Ntuli’s enemies were jealous he got married: “Yhuuu some people can be so evil hey, probably jealous that he recently got married.”

The club revealed in a statement that Ntuli passed away from an aggressive form of cancer.

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@_OBARAK: “On my wedding day, they sent my wife’s cousins to come tell me that I shouldn’t take/accept food from anyone except them. “Siphila Ezweni Labantu.”

@ZuluNation_Ngid: “People are very much educated nowadays and they don’t understand that there’s something called witchcraft, I understand them.”

@IamShadyMxo: “Yey I didn’t wanna say much kodwa, “there’s something that’s hitting water here.”

@Sjivvo: “Questionable cancer this is – took a life in less than 100 hrs – New cancer, I guess. The postmortem must be performed on the deceased. I’m not convinced either.”

@sphamindlos: “Kazi kahle kahle kwenzakaleni ngoBongi ngoba le eye cancer ye 1 week doesn’t make sure. “siphila ezweni labantu”…let that sink.”

Bongi Ntuli


According to a source close to both families, Ntuli had recovered from surgery he had last month when he was admitted to Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital, in Durban.

The source says the couple was happy and excited with Ntuli doing well leading up to Umabo and excited about their big day until he fell sick on Thursday.

“They had a beautiful day. They had just finished buying food and drinks for umabo, when Bongi started complaining of severe pain and he was rushed to the hospital,” said the source.

The source adds that Ntuli’s family asked Sne if she wanted to continue with the ceremony because in Zulu culture, a wedding is never postponed.

“She declined the offer citing that she would wait for her husband to get better. We all expected him to recover and be discharged. His death came as a shock to everyone,” adds the source.

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