Man stirs debate for saying Jah Prayzah, Holy 10 are the best (GOAT)

A Zimbabwean law student and Disability Rights Advocate stirred controversy on social media when he openly declared his love for two of the country’s talented musicians, Jah Prayzah and Holy 10.

Elisha Gumbo, who is an amputee, stated on his social media that he considers Jah Prayzah and Holy 10 as the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) and somehow this did not sit well with some who began bashing him for his voews.

Posting on X, formerly Twitter, he said;

Let’s all agree that Holy Ten is the best artist in Zim after Jah Prayzah and if you think I am wrong go and argue with your ancestors!

No doubt they all 🐐🐐!!


The post agitated some who believe Elisha should ave mentioned Winky D.

Former President Robert Mugabe’s son Chatunga received backlash after he made sneer comments directed at Elisha’s physical limitations.

I blame the blud who typed for him

This prompted some to come to Elisha’s defence and chided people for being intolerant of other people’s views. Mr Matayi posted;


People attacked this guy after he said that, his best musician is Jah Prayzah and his second best is Holy Ten. Haa we can do better as a people whats wrong with that ?
Let me tell you something wangu you have every right to share your perspectives respectfully there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that usatyiswe. One person’s insults can’t undo your personal discussion, social media yakazara ma bully, i hope their comments won’t change what you believe in.

Elisha claims that he received many calls from friends and family enquiring if he is ok emotionally after receiving such social media bashing but said he is unshaken and strong.

I received so many calls from relatives & friends asking if I am OK, YES! I am more than OK. I dnt succumb to populism!

Good morning maGaffa! 🐐

Zimbabweans are often divided over who is the best musician between Winky D and Jah Prayzah.

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