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Vice President Dr. Constantino Chiwenga has conveyed his sorrow over the passing of his sister-in-law and the wife of his elder brother, Mrs. Shelter Makarichi-Chiwenga. Mrs. Makarichi-Chiwenga succumbed to cancer in the early hours of Saturday and was laid to rest in Hwedza on the following day.

The departed was the spouse of VP Chiwenga’s elder brother, Mr. Onisimo Makarichi-Chiwenga, and leaves behind five children and several grandchildren.

VP Chiwenga, reflecting on the funeral proceedings, expressed deep sadness at the loss of his sister-in-law, highlighting her pivotal role as a source of strength within the family. He described her as not only the most senior daughter-in-law in the Chiwenga family but also a comforting presence for all family members.

The Vice President lamented the devastating nature of the loss, revealing that the family became aware of her battle with cancer only in its advanced stage, at stage four. He expressed regret that had they known earlier, they could have intervened to help her overcome the illness. However, with the discovery at a late stage, they were left with limited options, and regrettably, she succumbed to the disease.

In conclusion, VP Chiwenga conveyed profound sorrow and extended wishes for the departed soul to rest in eternal peace. The family mourns the loss of a beloved member who played a crucial role in their lives.

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