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Pres Mnangagwa applauds WestProp Holdings

Harare | President Mnangagwa has applauded projects being done by WestProp Holdings, and advised the private sector to emulate WestProp Holdings’ initiative of constructing densified premium luxury apartments.

One of the key features of WestProp blocks is the existence of abundant openings and a skylight, allowing natural light to penetrate, thus diminishing the need for artificial illumination, a design feature that also contributes to a healthier living environment.

Another distinctive feature of the blocks is the incorporation of vertical gardens which beautify the architecture and also foster a connection with nature, enriching the lives of residents.

Speaking yesterday during a ground-breaking ceremony for the US$100 million Millennium Park development in Borrowdale West suburb in Harare being undertaken by WestProp Holdings, President Mnangagwa said modern densified buildings are the in-thing.

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The President said it is pleasing that private sector players in the construction industry and housing development sector, such as WestProp Holdings, have taken advantage of the conducive business operating environment being fostered by the Second Republic.

“Other creative developments under your portfolio such as the concept of penthouses are most welcome and set to bring to our country, the emerging global trend.

“I urge other entities in the sector to also set targets on the type of investments, with clear timelines for completion, as we move towards achieving the national targets of growing our housing and real estate stock,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said the target set by WestProp Holdings to reach “a billion bricks by 2050” is indeed a huge statement of intent by the company.

“This symbolises their commitment to play their part in building our motherland, Zimbabwe, in line with our National philosophy “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo, ilizwe lakhiwa ngabanikazi balo”. Well done for this bold and decisive stance,” he said.

WestProp chief executive Mr Ken Sharpe saluted President Mnangagwa for creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

“Today marks a very important day in our milestone achievements. We are breaking ground for the construction of Millennium Heights Block 4 luxury apartments and we continue to move towards achieving our 1 billion brick vision by 2050,” he said.

To date the company has laid 5 199 711 bricks at all of its developments — Pomona City, Millennium Heights and Pokugara — representing six percent of the total number of earmarked bricks.

Mr Sharpe described President Mnangagwa as “a listening President” who has allowed businesses and investors to feel secure.

He said his company was bringing various global architectural designs to Zimbabwe as a way of making the country’s urban landscape competitive.

“My ambition as a loyal Zimbabwean is to bring the beauty we see elsewhere back home. The dream is to see Harare’s skyline compete with what we see in places like Dubai, London and Singapore.

“Last month I was in Kyiv, Ukraine and was quite amazed at the number of new world-class skyscrapers that are being built, and if a country that is at war with Russia can do it then why can’t we?”

Mr Sharpe said WestProp is working to make “our precincts 24-hour cities where life reverberates around the clock”.

WestProp chairman Dr Michael Louis said their project and the attendance by Government at the highest level stands as a testament to the power of collaboration between the public and private sectors.

“Zimbabwe is in a season of upward trajectory, and we can see it in the take-up of our real estate offerings, project pipeline and the enormous deficit of offices and housing backlog.”

Additional features of this community include sports facilities for tennis, swimming, running, and walking tracks, green energy, reticulated gas and borehole water.

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