How Babes Wodumo slept for two hours on Mampintsha’s dead body demanded to open the zip

It is almost a year since Gqom star Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumola passed away after he suffered two strokes and now his widow Babes Wodumo has opened up about a secret about what happened on the day he died.

Mampintsha’s wife and singer Babes Wodumo revealed how she found out about his passing and struggled to accept the news.

“When I arrived, they had covered him in a white sheet. I screamed telling them that he couldn’t breathe. They said he had passed away. Before he died, we spoke about taking pictures of each other on the deathbed,” she said.

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“I said if I died first, he would take a picture of me. I was crazy. I slept for about two hours on his chest,” she adds.

“I said to myself, Nkulunkulu, let’s go.” Babes could not believe he had died, she thought it was a prank.

She could not believe, he had passed on and thought he would wake up. “I said they must open the zip, so he could breathe. My head was not in the right place.” She said that she doesn’t wish that pain on anyone. ” I lost my friend, best friend, my love and Sponge’s dad. He chose to leave me. I had to accept that he was gone.”?

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