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Anele Mdoda agrees with EFF to punsish ‘racist’ child

Anele Mdoda has supported EFF’s call for strong action against a Hoërskool Ben Vorster learner who was caught hurling a racial slur against YouTuber Sonwabile.

The 15-year-old boy – who has since been named by social media users – made headlines after he referred to the popular star as an “EFF k****r”.

On Wednesday, 29 November, members of the party led a protest at the school to demand the boy’s expellsion.


In the video that has gone viral on social media, a 15-year-old boy is seen calling Sonwabile a horrific racial slur.

The Youtuber responds in disbelief: “I can’t believe in 2023, we are dealing with racists”.

Like many South Africans, Anele Mdoda reacted with disgust over the video of the boy making the racist slur.

She tweeted: “Let’s find these kids and make em trend.”

She added: “Hope charges are pressed, drag the court case till they are old enough to go to jail

Anele also retweeted posts from other X users of the EFF’s march to the boy’s school; Hoërskool Ben Vorster, in Limpopo.

One post read: “The racist child must be expelled and taught a lesson never to be a racist again. It’s the only way to get rid of racism”.

Another posted: The EFF walks its talk….thank you, EFF, for standing up for the dignity of the black child”.

Meanwhile, Cape Town muso The Kiffness has called out Anele for her stance, which he labels as a “witch hunt of a child”.

Not for the first time, the outspoke artist publicly bashed the 947 presenter for her support towards the EFF.

He tweeted: “Anele praises racists who call for the killing of Boers in stadiums of 90k people while starting a witch-hunt on a 15-year-old racist kid messing around on Omegle.

“Neither are acceptable, but the double standard in how both are treated is mad”.

He added: “Watch out for the people who praise one racist but start witch hunts on others. They are the biggest hypocrites and the worst racists of all”.

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