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Epworth woman fails to explain source of wealth, buys house, two cars

A woman from Epworth yesterday appeared in court for allegedly stealing US$52 000 from her boyfriend in South Africa and using it to buy herself a house and two vehicles.

Ottilia Chikandira (35) appeared to Harare magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi charged with money laundering. She was granted US$400 bail, and the trial opens on January 30 next year.

The State alleged that on Sunday, detectives from CID Homicide heard that Chikandira was spending large after having stolen money from South Africa.

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During their news hour, ZTN Prime reported that Ottilia will be tried again in January.

The case revolves around the purported misappropriation of US$52,000 by Ottilia Chikandira, who stands accused of diverting the funds for personal gains. The accused allegedly utilized the embezzled money to make substantial purchases, including a residential property and two vehicles.

When the people close to her noticed her new spending habits, they could not help but question them. That is when they notified the police and had her arrested. Ottilia failed to explain her source of income and will be on trial for money laundering.

During the court appearance, Harare magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi presided over the proceedings, officially charging Chikandira with money laundering. Despite the severe nature of the allegations, the accused was granted bail amounting to US$400.

The trial is set to commence on January 30, next year, where the prosecution will present evidence to support the charges against Ms Chikandira.

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