Sikhala reveals what Tsvangirai told him in his dreams

RECENTLY freed former legislator Job Sikhala has said he had a dream during his stay at Chikurubi Prison in which late opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was crying and giving him instructions.

Sikhala spent 595 days in pre-trial detention at the maximum security facility on allegations of having incited public violence.

Tsvangirai, a respected pro-democracy icon and former Zimbabwean Prime Minister who led the country’s most vibrant opposition party, the MDC, from inception in 1999 died on February 14, 2018.

Speaking to Bulawayo-based Prophet Blessing Chiza, whom he visited at his Eagle Life Ministries Church on Sunday, Sikhala said he needed interpretations of the dream and many others he had but still did not understand.

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He had visited the self-styled man of cloth in appreciation for keeping him in his prayers during the almost two-year prison stay. Chiza promised to interpret the dreams and share their meaning in a more private setting.

“It is very true, I dreamt Tsvangirai and in most of those dreams he was telling me things and telling me what to do,” said Sikhala in confirmation of what Chiza had said.

He had the dream five times.

With opposition politics currently in chaos Sikhala has requested that he be excused from taking an active role in its affairs as he rests and understands how events unfolded since his incarceration.

According to Chiza, Sikhala had more dreams including some in which he saw late South African President Nelson Mandela.

Chiza, who has enjoyed the company of opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and English Premier League star Marvelous Nakamba, revealed that Sikhala had been told by Mandela to stop wearing suits and start wearing shirts similar to the ones he wore in his days.

Sikhala confirmed this and agreed with Chiza that the dream was one of the reasons why he now spoke in a voice that resembles Mandela’s as has been questioned by some after his release.

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