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Masasa Mbangeni slams Ramaphosa for twerking to Tyla’s water

Former Scandal actress Masasa Mbangeni recently joined hundreds of South Africans in criticizing President Cyril Ramaphosa for twerking in the water challenge dance initiated by Grammy award winner Tyla.

In a video posted on the Presidency account, the president can be seen dancing and twerking.

While some may argue that it’s refreshing to see a president who is willing to let loose and have some fun, Mbangeni and others believe that there are more pressing matters that require the president’s attention.

In her scathing critique, Mbangeni questions the appropriateness of the president’s participation in a viral dance trend when the country is facing numerous challenges.

Mbangeni Scalds Ramaphosa for Twerking

Masasa wrote: “There’s something “let them eat cake” about Cyri twerking when we are breathing through the wound and barely able to come as the citizens of this country. Every day the the government finds ingenious ways to fcuk us over. Petrol is going up at midnight at this man is twerking ?!”

It’s not uncommon for public figures to face backlash for their involvement in seemingly trivial activities. However, in a country where issues such as unemployment, poverty, and corruption persist, it’s understandable why some citizens might find the president’s dance moves to be out of touch.

While leaders need to connect with their constituents and show their human side, there is a fine line between relatability and frivolity. M

Mbangeni’s criticism serves as a reminder that public figures, especially those in positions of power, should be mindful of the messages they send and the optics they create.

As the nation continues to grapple with pressing issues, leaders must prioritize the concerns of the people and demonstrate their commitment to finding solutions. Dancing may be a form of entertainment, but it should never overshadow the responsibilities and duties of those in power.

Perhaps this incident will serve as a wake-up call for President Cyril Ramaphosa and other leaders, reminding them of the importance of addressing the real issues facing the nation, rather than getting caught up in viral dance challenges.

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