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Doctor suggests having sεx 21 times a month to avoid prostate cancer

Encourages having a side chick

A Nigerian doctor, Dr. Rasheed Adedapo has advised that men should be able to have sεx 21 times to avoid prostate cancer in their formative years

He revealed this while on the discourse on Classic FM, saying “A concept in physiology, that if you don’t use it you lose it,.the only form of exercise your prostate gland het is erection, and that erection comes with sεxual activities, so the study is abundantly clear that a man in healthy shape should be able to have sεxual interaction 21 times a month, to avoid prostate issues or cardiovascular issues.”

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However, he also encouraged men to have side chicks, stating the fact that a man’s wife may not be able to please him for the whole 21 times in a month, therefore he stands firm in his advocacy for a side chick.

Speaking on the dangers of not having sexual interaction frequently, Adedapo said, “If you do not exercise the gland, it swells on you. It becomes enlarged. When it becomes enlarged, that is a precursor to cancer.

“So yes, you have a beautiful wife. Do whatever it takes to please that woman so that she can give it to you 21 times in a month.”

Responding to questions on what a man should do if his wife fails to give in to his sεxual demands 21 times in a month, Adedapo advised men to get a “side chick.”

He said, “If she doesn’t please you, I advocate to my patients that you can have a side chick. The side chick could be on contract, but you just know that you need to do your 21 times to avoid prostate cancer.”

He added that men are biologically wired to be polygamous.

“And physiologically, our DNA shows that men are actually known to be polygamous. Men are wired to be polygamous,” he added.

The National Library of Medicine in a report said 20,000 Nigerian men die of prostate cancer annually.

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