Here is what Chamisa’s new party will look like

Nelson Chamisa, an opposition politician, has revealed additional details on his “new party” that is set to emerge soon.

Chamisa surprised his former party members, supporters, and the public in January by announcing his resignation as president of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). The main reason he gave for leaving the opposition group was that it had become polluted by sellouts. He stated that ZANU-PF can run the party as they see fit, before stating that he is no longer involved with the CCC.

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There has been chaos in the party and on social media, as some of the party’s Parliamentary representatives followed him and quit the CCC, thereby relinquishing their seats. Others dug in and said they would remain in Parliament on the CCC ticket.


Nelson Chamisa New Party
Nelson Chamisa Shares More Details On His “New Party” [Image: @Cde_Ostallos/X]


Over the weekend, former CCC deputy national spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba and former organising secretary Amos Chibaya held an engagement meeting in Manicaland to “set the tone and direction towards the new.” He also tweeted that they will soon announce Chamisa’s new home.

Nelson Chamisa took to X to shed more light on the new political party he will lead. He said:

“HOW THE NEW LOOKS LIKE… We must reaffirm our commitment to building a society grounded in ethical principles. We need a moral revolution, reformation of manners and values reset- a new civilization! We need polite souls. We must treat each other with respect, love our neighbours and protect the innocence of our young ones by saying no to child marriages or abuse. 

“Let’s drive out hate and selfishness. Let’s look out for the weak amongst us and prioritize clients’ needs in all professions. Together, let’s foster mutual respect between civil service professionals and the citizens. We must be a society of and with standards. 

“Change is coming. Change takes everyone to play their part. Changes comes when we are intentional and deliberate about it. Let’s take action on what’s within our control. Change demands effort. We just don’t need the change of faces but that change of heart. We need a software change not just a change of the hardware. It’s the soft issues most! 

“We’re pivoting to happiness. Welcome to a brighter future. #EthicalSociety #Respect #Love #ProtectEachOther #OnePeople #Godisinit”

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