Zimbabweans celebrate after South Africa loss to Nigeria: Here is why

After Nigeria defeated South Africa in the AFCON semifinals, there was a great deal of support and excitement in Zimbabwe. The heated match took place in Bouake, Ivory Coast’s Peace Stadium, exposing the passionate animosity that frequently bleeds over onto social m.edia

Zimbabweans, who have always supported their neighbor, South Africa, made a surprising shift and sided with Nigeria in such a significant game. In the view of many Zimbabweans, Nigeria’s well-earned victory turned the tide, and wild applause and jubilation broke out.

William Troost-Ekong scored a spectacular goal to start the game in the first half. But Teboho Mokoena’s penalty kick soon tied the score as South Africa struck back. An exciting stretch of extra game time ensued as the score stayed tied at one goal apiece as full-time drew near. The score remained the same throughout the extra minutes, which finally resulted in a suspenseful penalty shootout. With a 4-2 victory, Nigeria advanced to the AFCON championship game, leaving South Africa disappointed.

Why Zimbabwe Supported Nigeria Over South Africa

There are reasons underlying Zimbabweans’ jubilant joy of South Africa’s defeat that have nothing to do with football. Zimbabweans celebrated with South Africa’s rugby squad in 2023 after they won the World Championship. Their happiness was short-lived, though, as South Africans called them “international orphans” and attacked them on social media.

This disparaging nickname originated from the economic hardships that drove many Zimbabweans to look for work in South Africa. Zimbabweans are enraged about the usage of “international orphans,” which caused them to change their support during the AFCON and distance themselves from Mzansi.

Besides that, as Zimbabweans tried to rally behind their neighbours, some disparaging remarks were made as well;

Such remarks added salt to the injury as many felt no need to support such a hostile neghbour.

Here are some of remarks made before and after the game;


Jollof rice for dinner! Playing Afrobeats!


The streets are quiet , congrats to Joloff boys…


Congratulations to Nigeria Well Done


If you are an international orphan,just type Oga!

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