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Drama in church as man catches girlfriend with another man

A video has surfaced online that shows the moment a man caught his girlfriend cheating on him with another man.

The man was seen creating a scene inside a church after he spotted his girlfriend together with a new man she was having an affair with.

In the video, the man went aggressive over the development and by extension was restricted by the church’s security.

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According to the man, he was the one who brought his girlfriend from the village and by extension trained her in school for 7 years.

Reacting to this, the pastor intervened in the matter, telling the security officers to take him outside, and then come and meet him at the office after the live church program.

After being caught by her man inside the church, the lady was seen begging the man to calm down.

However, the new man gets angered by the lady’s action towards the man who brought her from the village and walked away.

Watch the video below;

Check out some of the reactions;


Williams Blessing

Training someone in school does not determine you both will get married, do you guys had agreement of getting married after sponsoring her in school. No blame her abeg


Why are the females always doing this to guys. You both had a thing, he helped you achieve your goals and in achieving your dreams you discovered he’s not the one for you anymore.

Don’t play


Shameless lady, she even had the guts to pursue the new guy 😥😥,


Na mumu Dey trust woman 😂. Train yourself enough instead and the right woman will find you!!! I don’t know why men still think they can choose or own a woman! Women chooses who they are attracted to and adore them, that’s why you see some women do things for some new guy that they never done for any of their ex’s before , if you force yourself on them you shall be USED!!! if you want to please a woman then welcome to a journey that never ends! Until you’re broken. To cut long story short! Go for a woman that is crazier about you!!!

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