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Sir Wicknell reveals why he wont donate to a hospital

Refuses to donate to a hospital

CONTROVERSIAL businessman Wicknell Chivayo has revealed that he blocked netizens advising him to spend his money on the country’s broken health system instead of splashing it on Zanu PF sympathisers.

In the past three weeks, Chivayo has since splashed over US$5 million on high-end vehicles for artists instrumental in ensuring President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s electoral triumph last year.

Some musicians who received top-of-the-range cars are Jah Prayzah, Zim Dancehall DJ Fantan, Sandra Ndebele, Sulumani Chimbetu and Seh Calaz.

Besides these artists, Chivayo also splurged about 100 Toyota Aqua cars for his Johane Masowe church-mates.

Social media has been awash with people asking him to buy medication and equipment for hospitals instead.

However, in a radio interview, Chivayo said he blocked everyone who told him how to spend his money.

“I blocked everyone who sent me that message because I do not want to be told how to use my money, if anyone feels that is more important, let them use their money.

“Yes hospitals need equipment but all of this is in the government’s pipeline. Recently the health minister commissioned an MRI at Mpilo Hospital, this is already the government’s plan to upgrade all government hospitals and there is no need for me to do that.

“I do not want to look like I am seeking political office or trying to fight the government,” Chivayo said.

Meanwhile, Chivayo’s source of funds is being investigated by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC).

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